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Physical Address:
CMN Campus - Culture Building
N188 Hwy 47/55

Mailing Address:
PO Box 910
Keshena, WI 54135

Title: Conservation Director/Chief Warden

Name: Maniyan Pyawasay

Tel: (715) 799-5116


This program will achieve the objectives listed in our Statement of Work as provided funding Contracts. Those objectives specifically include: Administrative duties, Conservation Law Enforcement, assist in Fish and Wildlife Management and Environmental Quality Services. These shall be carried out by means of patrol, investigation of complaints, issuance of citations, in-service training, assisting with conducting annual fish and game surveys, stocking of fish and prescribed wildlife management methods.

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03-06-2023 MCC Meeting Packet
2024 02-13 Mcc Mtg packet
2024 02-14 MCC Mtg Packet
2024 02-14- MCC Mtg Packet
2024 04-01 MCC Mtg packet revised
2024 05-06 MCC Mtg
2023 Conservation Commission Directory
2023 05-01 MCC Meeting packet
2023 07-10 MCC Meeting packet
Ord 20-08 Chapter 275 Camping
Forest Educational Use Form
2021 MITW Ginseng Mgmt Plan
ESD Bear data 2021
01-03-2022 MCC PH Packet
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2022-24 Hunting & Trapping Regulations
2022-24 Fishing regs
06-06-2022 MCC Reg Mtg Packet
Forest Use Form
07-11-2022 MCC Public Hearing Packet
09-12-2022 MCC Regular Meeting Packet
03-07-2022 CWD Wild deer info
2023 12-04 MCC Regular Meeting Packet
01-03-2022 MCC Reg Mtg Packet
05-02-2022 MCC Reg. Mtg Packet
07-11-2022 MCC Regular Meeting Packet

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