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    State Of The Nation Address
    • 2015 Chairwoman Laurie Boivin
    • 2014 Chairman Craig Corn
    • 2013 Chairman Craig Corn
    • 2012 Chairman Randal Chevalier
    • 2011 Chairwoman Laurie Boivin
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    Meeting Minutes
    • MTL Meeting Minutes
  • Chairman's Notes

Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Legislature

The governing body of the Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin consists of a nine member legislature that is elected by enrolled Tribal members. A Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary are elected annually by the governing body.

There is also a separate but equal Tribal Judicial system that consists of a lower court and a supreme court. The court system has jurisdiction over all Native Americans within the exterior boundaries of the Menominee Indian Reservation. The court consists of a Chief Justice, two lower court judges.

Menominee Tribal Legislature 2023

Current MTL Members: Second Row: Joey Awonohopay, Myrna Warrington, Douglas Cox, Rachel Fernandez, Daynell Grignon, Rebecca Brunette
Front Row: Dana Waubanascum; Vice Chair, Gena Kakkak; Chairperson, Spencer Gauthier; Secretary