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Chairman's Notes

October 22 2018 Chairmans Notes
Posoh Nec Omaeqnomenewak,

The Tribe has been awarded large grants that will provide for bringing services we have long strived for. One of those areas is the Public Defender Office for the Tribe. Staff from many tribal departments worked diligently to develop a Strategic Plan for Tribal Justice Systems over the past two years and used that plan to develop a successful application to establish a Tribal Public Defender office.

In other grant wins, the Tribe was awarded two grants from the US Department of Justice to assist in combating the opioid crisis on the Reservation. Nearly $1.3 million in grants for Opioid issues will allow us to hire and partner social workers with our tribal police officers, hire treatment staff and build a collaborative framework between law enforcement, tribal social services, and our treatment center to reach families impacted by opioids and other drugs and provide treatment to those afflicted with addiction.

In all areas of government, the Tribe had… (Read More)