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Physical Address:
W2907 Tribal Office Loop Road-FIC Bldg. (Basement)
Keshena, WI 54135

Mailing Address:
PO Box 910
Keshena, WI 54135

Title: Director

Name: Yvette Ducane

Tel: 5121 / 5142

Fax: (715) 799-6068
Enrollment / License and Permits

November 3rd, 2021

Due to the high volume of local COVID-19 cases, and pursuant of the recommendations of the
Center for Disease Control, MITW’s Emergency Management Coordinator has issued
Emergency Order #22. This order takes effect at 6:00 AM on November 6th, 2021, shall expire at 6:00AM on December 4th, 2021 unless extended by the Emergency Management Coordinator.

Below are highlights of the changes made in Emergency Order #22

All tribal government facilities are open to the public, but facemask and social distancing of at least 6 feet is still required of anyone inside the building.

Enrollment/License and Permit is OPEN as November 8, 2021 (MASKS REQUIRED), any questions please email: EnrollmentLicensePermitsGroup or call 715-799-5100, 715-799-5121 or 715-799-5142, or stop in, thank you and please be safe.

Maintain the records of Menominee Indian Tribal as accurately as possible. This includes automated, archived and hard copy files. Verify and certify tribal membership for various local, state and federal programs. Have regular monthly meeting with the five elected/appointed enrollment committee members.

The Department of Licensing and Permit department is primarily responsible for conducting the business created by the eCodes that are set forth by the Menominee Tribal Legislature. We provide The Public with permit's and license's to accommodate the needs taht are required by specific ordinance.

Click here to update your address or other contact information with the Enrollment Department.
Pay Enrollment Online

Services Offered:
Certificates of Indian Blood (CIB): Provides verification of Menominee blood quantum for enrolled members, 1st, and 2nd generation descendants.

Descendant Register: Maintains the Descendant Register of the Menominee Indian Tribe for those individuals who lack sufficient blood quantum to qualify for inclusion on the official tribal roll, who is a 1st or 2nd degree descendant of an enrolled Menominee Tribal Member, and whose blood quantum is at least 1/16th or greater in accordance with Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Code Chapter 46.

Genealogical Research/Family Tree Development: Conducts genealogical research and family tree development at the request of individuals who are researching their Menominee ancestry. This research is conducted by the department for a fee and as time permits.

Official Tribal Roll: Maintains the official Tribal Roll of those individuals whose Menominee blood quantum is 1/4 degree or greater in accordance with the Menominee Tribal Constitution & Bylaws and Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin Code Chapter 69.

To pay on line: govpaynet.com

Affidavit Form
Pay License and Permits Online

Service Offered:
Office Closed, Tribal Incident Command has issued a new order today effecting the operations of tribal government and the community due to the recent spike in COVID cases. License and Permit will be closed September 17, 2020 to September 28, 2020 and may be extended, please email: EnrollmentLicensePermitsGroup with any questions or call 715-799-5142.

All September renewals have been updated and renewed and mailed in the United States Postal service.

The Department of Licensing and Permit department is primarily responsible for conducting the business created by the eCodes that are set forth by the Menominee Tribal Legislature. We provide The Public with permit's and license's to accommodate the needs taht are required by specific ordinance.

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Abstract Database application - justification Form
Address Change Form
Annual Dumping Permit
Application for Concealed Carry Permit
ATV-UTV Application
Authorization Form
Department Identification Card Application
Enrollment Committee 2020-2021-2022
Enrollment- Descendant Printable Applicaiton
Enrollment-Descendant Application Instructions
Food Handling Permit
Gas Forms
General Genealogy
Handicap Organization applications
Handicap plates and cards
Handicap Temporary Application
Hunting and Fishing Fees
Identification Application
Menominee Descendant Benefits
Menominee Enrolled Benefits
Minnow and Bait Application
Motor Vehicle Fees
MV Form
Personalized plate application

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