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Meeting Day: 3rd Monday

Meeting Time: 3:30pm

Location: Tribal Office Boardroom

Recorder: Briana Ninham
Health and Family
The Health & Family Committee shall be responsible for (a) receiving and examining reports of departments assigned to it; (b) studying and reviewing, on a comprehensive basis matters relating to health, recreation, social services, and public welfare; and (c) reporting its findings and recommendations to the Legislature as it deems necessary. All matters of policy relating to health, recreation, social services, and public welfare shall originate in this committee and all matters of concern relating to the same shall be referred to this committee.

Myrna Warrington Chairwoman
Mary Husby Social Services
Michael Waupoose YDO Director
Duane Waukau Recreation
Darla Dick Maehnowisekiyah
Pershing Frechette Legislator
Rebecca Brunette Community Member
Geradette Richmond Community Member
Jerry Waukau Clinic Adminstrator
Colleen Connahvichnah Aging Division
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Health and Family Bylaws
09/02/2016 Special Meeting
07/18/2016 Regular Meeting
06/20/2016 Regular Meeting