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Back Forty Mine

News & Announcements
Menominee Indian Tribe Calls Approval of Aquila Resources "Back Forty" Mine Permit Absolute failure to protect water, environment, and Tribes Cultural Resources
(Keshena, WI) – The Menominee Indian Tribe of Wisconsin is saddened and outraged with the final decision made today by Michigan Department of Environmental Quality to approve the Aquila Resources mine permit for the Back Forty Mine Project. This decision announced today, on the heels of the New Year’s Eve holiday, marks the age-old problem of the blatant disregard of environmental protection and releasing information during a period when people can’t respond adequately due to holiday breaks. The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality is charged with a specific duty to fulfill the mandates of the State government, which in the case are to protect and preserve the State of Michigan’s environmental and other natural resources. (Read More)
Sacred Water Walk
The Menominee Tribe's history is unique because our origin or creation begins at the mouth of the Menominee River, a mere 60 miles east of our present Menominee Indian Reservation. This is where our five clans: ancestral Bear, Eagle, Wolf, Moose, and Crane were created. Not many tribes in this region can attest to a fact their origin place exists close or near to their present reservation. This is where our history begins. In November 2014, Tribal members and the Marinette Community reseeded the Menominee River with our ancient staple, Wild Rice. Just one month later, Aquila Resources, Inc applied for a Mining Permit a few miles upstream from our sacred place of origin. Join the people in a Sacred Water Walk on April 23, 2016. The walk will begin from Keshena Falls, on the Menominee Indian Reservation. We continue to speak our language and practice our traditions and our traditional religion. Spiritually, we continue to speak with our creator through tobacco, prayers, and other offerings. We will continue to survive because we are a sovereign nation, a nation that refused to be pushed from our territory, a nation that will remain strong and independent. We are 'Kiash Matchitiwuk' The Ancient One's. For More information on the Menominee River Water Walk, visit www.motherearthwaterwalk.com (Read More)