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Spirit of Hoops Basketball Camp
Summer 2017 Basketball 1 Day Camp (FREE)

Tuesday, June 20th for all Boys and Girls 6-17 years old.
Morning session 9AM - Noon. 6-12 year olds
Afternoon session 1PM - 4PM. 13-17 year olds

Free for all Menominee Community Boys and Girls
All Skill Levels are welcome, we gaurantee the children will learn and they will have FUN!

Location: Menominee Indian High School

Camp Includes:
Basketball instruction and drills
Fundamental skills and techniques
Contests and Prizes
Free "Spirit of Hoops" shoulder pack

Registration on-site starts at 8AM, form requires signature from parent or responsible adult
7th Annual Menominee Canoe Ride
Omaeqnomenewak Posehaetowak Maeqtekos (Menominee Canoe Ride)

Saturday, June 3rd
8:30AM - Ceremony at Long Lake Rd (Dam Rd off VV)
9AM - Cast off at Dam
1:30PM - Traditional Style Feast next to Legend Lake Lodge

Join us on a journey along several lakes where our ancestors canoed just a few centuries before what is now one Legend Lake; and enjoy the experience you'll always remember with your family!

Potluck, please bring your own dinner ware, and eating utensils. We'll provide a pontoon for elders who also want to participate in the ride and enjoy the experience. Pontoon space and canoes are limited so please call early! Or bring your own canoe/kayak.

Any questions, (fish, berries, wild rice) donations, and/or volunteers
Reserve your pontoon seat or canoe, contact Marla at 715-851-0862
Positive Parenting Classes
Place: Maehnowesekiyah Wellness Center

Dates: Friday's June 23rd & 30th; July 7th and 14th

Times: 9:00AM to Noon

Contact: Mary Webster or Gerry Sparks 715-799-3835

Deadline to sign up for classes is May 25th at 4:00PM

Limited to 20 Participants
Helping YOU keep the Weight Off.
Start with 3 S's.
There are three S's linked with long-term weight loss, reveals psychologist Susan Albers, Psy.D. "The magic keys are eating the SAME-SIZE portions each day, STRESS MANAGEMENT and SOCIAL SUPPORT," she says. "One way to eat about the same amount each day is to use consistent serving dishes, such as the same plate or bowl. Packing lunch in a bento box also works because its divided into sections, making portion control automatic."
For the second "s" "Managing stress without food is key to controlling your weight," she notes. "Some of the best strategies for ending emotional eating are journaling, meditating and doing yoga. In other words, making time for yourself!"
For the third "s" Social Support is vital. "Studies show people with specific kind of support maintain their stellar progress," she says. "Loved ones giving you feedback isn't enough. But when they join in-go for a walk with you, find healthy recipes together, etc. You will stay on track!"

Rev your Metabolism!
If you find you've stopped shedding pounds, despite maintaining a diet and exercise regiment, the problem is likely a "steady state strategy," says health pro Akash Sehrawat. "Thats the tendancy to get into the rut of doing the same kind of activity. Once your body gets used to it, your metabolism sputters and you stop losing weight. Simply spicing up your routine by, say, walking up a few hills if you normally walk on treadmill-or exercising at different times of the day-can shake up your metabolism and help keep weight gain at bay."

Sleep your way Slim!
"Getting enough sleep is strongly correlated to maintaining weight loss," notes Albers. "Missing just one hour of sleep can make you hungier the next day and trigger cravings." Can't sleep seven to eight hours a night? Fortunately, you can reverse the effects of appetite-spiking sleep deprivation by fitting in 20 minute catnaps or meditation sessions.

Block Weight Gain!
Untrap Fat. "When your vitamin D level is low, your cells start 'hoarding' fat," reveals Dr. Peeke. "I personally take a supplement every day because my doctor told me my levels are low-a range between 40 and 60 is excellent, so just get your levels checked."

Slim your waist with MUFAs!
Monounsaturated fatty acids (MUFAs) are central to keeping weight gain at bay, notes Dr Peeke. "Nuts, olive oil, seeds, peanut butter, and dark chocolate thats at least 70% cocoa are not only incredibly healthy, they also target fat-especially important as we get older."

Double your Protein!
Protein-packed foods, such as fish, beans, eggs, and lean meat, torpedo hunger, Dr. Peeke says. "In one study, women you ate just two daily servings of protein lost 4% more weight than women on a diet! Protein also builds lean muscle, revving your metabolism."

Fill up on Fiber!
"Lack of fiber raises blood sugar, causing cravings," says Sehrawat. "So just sprinkle fiber-rich psyllium husk on your cereal. And add apple cider vinegar to your diet. If you're eating white bread, which spikes blood sugar, adding just 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar on the salad you're having with it lowers blood sugar 34%, slashing fat storage!"

Kristina Mastrocola
Woman's World
Sam Geurin
Larry Warrington
Carol Sanapaw

Karen Kelly

Prizes can be picked up at Insurance Department


24/7 Nurse Hotline

Good health starts with asking questions and understanding the answers. Nurse Hotline can give you the information, support and guidance you need. Nurse Hotline nurses can help you make informed healthcare decisions.
Nurse Hotline Brochure


HealthSmart: Providing Comprehensive and Innovative Healthcare Solutions

ZEBIT, the online financial wellness program was introduced at the Employees Benefits Fair. All employees are eligible for the Financial Wellness sections of ZEBIT where you can learn about budgeting, watch short videos about various financial issues and learn how to create financial goals.

Log onto: Zebit. You will need to know your employee ID and date of hire. Your employee ID is your employee number preceded by your place of employment (MITW0001/CMN0001/MCR0001). If you are not sure of your date of hire, contact the Insurance Department.

ZEBIT Marketplace (OPTIONAL SIGN UP) is available to employees that 1) are at least 18 years of age 2) have been employed with MITW/CMN/MCR for at least one year 3) have an annual salary of at least $16,000 and 4) have direct deposit of paycheck.

ZEBIT Marketplace offers an interest free line of credit to employees meeting the criteria above to purchase items on ZEBIT Marketplace. Employees are billed for purchases, interest free. over the course of six months. Payments for purchase on ZEBIT Marketplace ARE NOT deducted from your paycheck. Payments must be made directly to ZEBIT Marketplace.

myStrength was introduced at the Employee Benefits Fair. It is a wellness website that can help with issues such as stress and anxiety. It's easy to sign up!!!! Go to www.mystrength.com and click on the sign up button. When asked for an access code, enter one of the following codes (CMNEMP/MCREMP/MITWEMP/Menominee) depending upon where you are employed. Complete the sign up process with a brief Wellness Assessment and personal profile.

Upcoming Events

Employee Insurance Benefits Fair
All Employees are encouraged to attend the Employee Insurance Benefits FAIR at the Menominee Casino Convention Center. No specific time to attend, show up at your convenience anytime between 7:00am and 6:00pm. Plan to attend for any necessary changes to teh benefit plan. This fair provides an opportunity for you to meet with representatives from the benefit provider companies, ask questions about benefits and services for 2017. All Full-time, Part-time, On-call and Emergency hire employees are welcome.


Vision & Mission Statement

Promoting healthy choices among our employees, families, and community by providing activities, education, support, and resources to encourage healthy lifestyles.

To embark on the journey towards your goals and dreams requires bravery...
To remain on that path requires courage...
The bridge that merges the two is commitment.
~ Dr. Steve Marboli

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HRA (Health Risk Assessment) FAQs

Click here to learn more about Health Risk Assessments  

MITW Employee Wellness Program

Journey....   is a voluntary wellness program available to employees of MITW, CMN and MCR. Employees and spouses currently covered by MITW Employee Health Plan may participate in a Health Risk Assessment and Health Screening and earn $100.00
All employees can earn additional incentives up to $150 a year earning points by participating in various activites  
(list of activities will be provided prior to January 1, 2017).     In addition, anyone earning points in a month will be entered in monthly drawing for gas gift cards.
Employee meetings will be held before January 1, 2017 to provide additional information on

Examples of Activities to Earn Points on Your Journey
  • Participate in CPR/Safety/OSHA Trainings
  • Complete courses with Star 12 (Online)
  • Eliminate Tobacco Products
  • Rec Center Membership & Regular Visits
  • Cultural Related Events (Beadwork/Dance/Language Classes)
  • Zebit Financial Wellness (Online)
  • MyStrength-Health Club for the Mind (Online)
  • Physical Fitness Group Activities (Yoga/Exercise classes)
  • Get a "Wellness Buddy"
  • Nutrition/Diet Support Group (ex. Weight Watchers)
  • Participate in Health Challenges
  • Participate in Wellness Workshops/Educational Seminars
This is NOT an all-inclusive list. Additional information will be presented at Wellness meetings prior to January 1, 2017.