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  Gordon Dickie Building  
  P.O. Box 910 Keshena, Wisconsin  
  (715) 799-5110  
  Our Mission  
  The Menominee Tribal Education Department cooperatively provides assistance and support to Menominees and Community Residents who are in need of preparation to advance in the work force to pursue higher educational opportunities.  
  Department Overview       
  Today's educational institutions offer an unbelievable variety of educational opportunities to persons seeking educational advancement. There are also many opportunities for financial assistance in pursuing your educational goals. Unfortunately, the research and paper work involved during efforts to acquire information about those opportunities can be confusing and often times overwhelming. Many times prospective students are unaware of deadlines for getting paperwork in and risk the chance of losing out on valuable financial opportunities. That is why the Tribal Education department adopted the mission to cooperatively provide assistance and support to Menominee and Community residents who are in need of preparation to advance in the work force or to pursue higher educational opportunities! The Menominee Tribal Education Department employs a concerned, caring, and qualified staff, that provides a number of services to help alleviate the stress of wading through related paperwork. Department staff will lend assistance in filing for admissions to colleges and universities, and applying for financial aid and career counseling. Information regarding what programs institutions have to offer, as well as employment opportunities in a chosen career field is also available. In addition, assistance with electronically filing the “Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)” is available. See below for contact information.
For more GED information, please view the files listed below
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AURELIAWHITEGED INSTRUCTOR7157995119awhite@mitw.org

Form NameDescription 
Indian Grant ApplicationApplication for Indian Grant (any federally recognized Indian Tribe) IndianGrantApplication.pdf
Education PlanComplete Education Plan (short-term, long-term goals) and submit with course scheduleEducationPlan.pdf
StudentChecklistStudent's Checklist Tribal EducationStudentChecklist.pdf
IndianGrantAppOffReservationCollegesIndian Grant Application to be filled out if attending an Off Reservation College/UniversityIndianGrantAppOffReservationColleges.pdf
IndianGrantAppONReservationCollegesIndian Grant Application to be filled out if attending ON Reservation College(s)IndianGrantAppONReservationColleges.pdf
Accommodations Process for GED Test TakersInformational resource for Accommodations Process for GED Test TakersAccommodationsProcessforGEDTestTakers.pdf
GED need to know Important Informational resource for GED TestingGEDneedtoknowinfo.pdf
June CalendarCalendar for June 2014JUNE2014.pdf
WIEA Scholarship Application 2015-2016WIEA Scholarship Instructions and Application 2015-2016wieascholarshipFinal2016.pdf
Annual Academic Tribal Scholarship 2015-2016Tribal Scholarship Information and Application 2015-2016ACADEMICFinal.pdf
V.V.A. - Richard T. Nuske Memorial Scholarship 2015-2016V.V.A. - Richard T. Nuske Memorial Scholarship Instructions and Application 2015 - 2016VeteranAppFinal.pdf

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